Other Dreams of Freedom: Religion, Sex, and Human Trafficking

Zimmermann, Yvonne (2012): Other Dreams of Freedom: Religion, Sex, and Human Trafficking, 2012. 


Focusing on the public face of the federal government’s anti–human trafficking project during the presidential administration of George W. Bush, this book explores how the religious values of Protestant Christianity regarding sexual morality and gender propriety intersected with and shaped the United States’ federal initiative to eliminate human trafficking. From perceptions of what human trafficking essentially is, to the understanding of the moral harm human trafficking causes, to a normative conception of what freedom from trafficking substantively entails, the way human trafficking has been understood and addressed is shaped by and reflects the religious heritage and moral imagination of American Protestantism. Contending that conceptions of freedom that reflect and enact such a religiously and culturally particular moral imagination of freedom are not universally applicable in a religiously, culturally, and politically plural world, the book aims to create theoretical space and moral necessity for considering ways of thinking about and organizing freedom from trafficking that are not rooted in the moral sensibilities and forms of social relation that characterize American Protestant Christianity.

Interview with Yvonne Zimmermann:
“Are Evangelicals Monopolizing, Misleading US Anti-Trafficking Efforts?”


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