Special Issue: Anti-anti-trafficking? Toward critical ethnographies of human trafficking

This special issue of Dialectical Anthropology aims to critically examine how human trafficking discourses, laws, and interventions complicate efforts to define, address, and engage with the vulnerable populations that are captured by this policy typology. While billions of dollars have been spent globally on research, advocacy, and law enforcement efforts around anti-trafficking discourses, socio-legal institutions, and policy discussions during the last 15 years, there continues to be very little research that problematizes issues of agency, consent, identity, individual autonomy, and social governance, and even less that actually presents the empirical realities and quotidian experience of those who are counted as “trafficking victims.” As anthropologists this worries us, but also provides a space in which we believe we are uniquely qualified to ask the research questions, collect the data, and make the critical analysis that can put the life worlds of those individuals back into the picture.

Table of contents (some articles available, Open Access)

  1. OriginalPaper

    Anti-anti-trafficking? Toward critical ethnographies of human trafficking

    Anthony Marcus, Edward Snajdr Pages 191-194

  2. OriginalPaper

    The Myth of Maria and the imagining of sexual trafficking in Brazil

    Thaddeus Gregory Blanchette, Ana Paula SilvaPages 195-227

  3. OriginalPaper

    Beneath the master narrative: human trafficking, myths of sexual slavery and ethnographic realities

    Edward Snajdr Pages 229-256

  4. OriginalPaper

    Domestic minor sex trafficking and the detention-to-protection pipeline

    Jennifer Musto Pages 257-276

  5. Report

    Networked trafficking: reflections on technology and the anti-trafficking movement

    Mitali Thakor, danah boyd Pages 277-290

  6. Report

    Report from the field: evaluating an alternative to incarceration program for “highly probable trafficking victims”

    Tanja E. Dejanova, Chitra Raghavan Pages 291-298

  7. BookReview

    Peeling the onion: domestically trafficked minors and other sex work involved youth

    Amber Horning Pages 299-307

  8. Events

    Rethinking human trafficking

    Ronald WeitzerPages 309-312
  9. Events

    Commentary: Heather Montgomery

    Heather Montgomery Pages 313-317

  10. Events

    Beyond anti-anti-trafficking

    Johan Lindquist Pages 319-323

  11. Events

    Commentary: Thaddeus Blanchette and Ana Paula da Silva’s Myth of Maria

    Larissa Sandy Pages 325-331

  12. OriginalPaper

    Abolitionist feminism as patriarchal control: Swedish understandings of prostitution and trafficking

    Jay Levy, Pye Jakobsson Pages 333-340


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