Special Issue: Unfree Labor, migration and the global economy

Table of contents

Dynamics of Unfree Labour in the Contemporary Global Economy

Stephanie Barrientos, Uma Kothari & Nicola Phillips
pages 1037-1041

Geographies and Histories of Unfreedom: Indentured Labourers and Contract Workers in Mauritius

Uma Kothari
pages 1042-1057

‘Labour Chains’: Analysing the Role of Labour Contractors in Global Production Networks

Stephanie Ware Barrientos
pages 1058-1071

Jordan’s Unfree Workforce: State-Sponsored Bonded Labour in the Arab Region

Elizabeth Frantz
pages 1072-1087

Social Sustainability in Agriculture: An Anthropological Perspective on Child Labour in Cocoa Production in Ghana

Amanda Berlan
pages 1088-1100

Children’s Welfare and Short-term Migration from Rural India

Diane Coffey
pages 1101-1117

Trade Openness and Wage Inequality: Evidence for Malaysia

Robert McNabb & Rusmawati Said
pages 1118-1132

Foreign Ownership and Employment Growth in a Developing Country

Robert E. Lipsey, Fredrik Sjöholm & Jing Sun
pages 1133-1147


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