Cultural Dynamics: Special Issue – Human Traffic–Past and Present


    • Michaeline A Crichlow

    Human traffic—past and present

    Cultural Dynamics July 2013 25: 123-140, doi:10.1177/0921374013497825


    • Liza Buchbinder

    After trafficking: Togolese girls’ orientations to life in a West African city

    Cultural Dynamics July 2013 25: 141-164, doi:10.1177/0921374013498134

    • Michelle Gueraldi

    Human trafficking and challenges to States’ compliance with International Human Rights Law: The case of Brazil

    Cultural Dynamics July 2013 25: 165-181, doi:10.1177/0921374013498140

    • Allison J Petrozziello and Bridget Wooding

    Borders, buscones, brothels, and bi-national markets: Haitian women negotiate how to get through

    Cultural Dynamics July 2013 25: 183-205, doi:10.1177/0921374013498141

    • David A Feingold

    The Burmese traffic-jam explored: Changing dynamics and ambiguous reforms

    Cultural Dynamics July 2013 25: 207-227, doi:10.1177/0921374013498137

    • Darja Davydova

    Criminal networks, unfortunate circumstances, or migratory projects? Researching sex trafficking from Eastern Europe

    Cultural Dynamics July 2013 25: 229-243, first published on August 30, 2013doi:10.1177/0921374013498136

Film Discussion

    • Sealing Cheng

    Making visible the invisible—victimhood, violence, and voice in Tales of the Night Fairies

    Cultural Dynamics July 2013 25: 245-251, doi:10.1177/0921374013498135

    • Tanya L Shields

    “Perhaps I am that woman”: A review of Tales of the Night Fairies

    Cultural Dynamics July 2013 25: 253-259, first published on August 30, 2013doi:10.1177/0921374013498143

    • Shohini Ghosh

    A tryst with Night Fairies: The Director’s response

    Cultural Dynamics July 2013 25: 261-266, doi:10.1177/0921374013498138


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